How to Create a Messaging Application from Scratch in 2023

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Moving forward, let’s have a look at the concept as to why these chat platforms are that necessary for any business. The project is open sourced, and the code can be found in Github. Twilio Client can be used to SMS someone, fbchat is used to send a message to your Facebook friend and gmtp library has been used to send mail using Python. Python AutoGUI has also been used here, to give the user an option of a dialog based option.

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Features mentioned above are all the important functionalities of a basic messaging app like WhatsApp. However, you can also add customized features well versed with your business. Users can make a business profile with additional details such as business address, business description, type of product/service they offer etc. in the WhatsApp for business service.

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In order to add and retain users at a sustainable rate, then, most consumer chat apps will need to offer a “free-forever” tier that still delivers unique value. With the adoption challenge solved, monetization in the form of paid upgrades, in-app purchases, and advertising can follow. The chat server is responsible for routing messages from sender to receiver and for administering other back-end functions that won’t be stored locally on the user’s device. If you’re building with Stream, you can choose your preferred back-end language among Golang, Python, Node , Ruby, Dart, PHP, or .NET to interact with the Stream Chat API. Facebook Messenger’s expanded adoption has not for the most part come from building the most advanced, feature-rich app. Instead, Facebook has used its popularity to influence when, how, and why people turn to Facebook Messenger, expanding intended use cases beyond casual chatting with friends.

Therefore, you should build a chat app to highlight your app as a reliable tool that can let the connection stay stable and regenerate the lost messages during network loss. offers a browser-based JavaScript client library that links to a Node.js server. These development tools give a broad way to widely-used approach to developing real-time communication functionality, such as chat. Researching, assessing, and picking apt technical components to develop a chat app may demand much effort.

Explore the Challenges While Building Chat Platforms

Allow one-time payment despite a monthly subscription per user; that’s ideal for businesses looking to support various users. Compared to other messaging software, this one arrives with its competitive benefits, easy usage, and simple configuration, even for non-developers. Developers use Twilio to integrate their app software with almost all communications channels. And the Conversations API permits you to initiate with a channel, like in-app or web chat, and simply spread to other channels to stay updated with changing consumer preferences.

multi messenger platform development

True end-to-end encryption, while not always officially required, is a good idea. On top of that, appropriate identity management measures like multi-factor authentication and password complexity and rotation requirements ensure only the right people can decrypt private messages. The chat screen will need a text input box, a keyboard, and a scrolling display of sent and received messages. If you’re building with a chat kit like Stream’s, you’ll have pre-built components like MessageInput, a custom UI component prop to be shown for the input box, at your fingertips.

What kind is tech stack required for developing an instant messaging app?

The platform’s mobile payment service assists with shopping, organizing doctor’s appointments, ordering food delivery, paying an electricity bill or traffic fines, and more. Back-end of a messaging app will involve infrastructure such as RestFul API, databases, storage servers, messaging protocols like XMPP, notification services, etc. Chat apps handle millions of requests daily and require extra reliability and 100% uptime. Give special attention to privacy and prevention of hacking activities, collecting and stealing personal data, and identity theft.

multi messenger platform development

Ideally, the development company you partner with should also take care of the UI/UX design. The project will proceed faster and cost less if all are working under one roof. The key to success is not to overload the app with ads and not interrupting the core chat experience.

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9 out of 10 WhatsApp consultation chats lead to the sale of our products. Combine live chats with automations and increase customer satisfaction. With our simple drag-and-drop chatbot builder, you can become an expert without any programming knowledge. Exceed customer expectations with the best private label cloud solution and feel supported every step of the way. Choose a relevant business model that aligns well with the idea of your WhatsApp like application.

  • Instead of working through each of these decisions from scratch, many of today’s engineering and product teams prefer to build on top of a dedicated chat API and SDK solution.
  • Not only that, this article also covers the features and monetization criteria alongside easy-to-understand technical instructions as to how to build a messaging app.
  • Pre-built API solutions can help solve this problem by providing cross-platform chat SDKs, which make it possible to succeed without hiring a dedicated expert in each platform.
  • The app offers a variety of features that other messaging apps don’t, such as the ability to make video calls and audio calls, apply direct filters, change the background, and even play games.
  • Researching, evaluating, and choosing the right technical components to build a chat app can be overwhelming.
  • If you’re looking to make a messaging app, one of your primary concerns is likely to cost.

To understand how to make a messaging app, you should define the functionality implement. Functionally and in-app content are the most powerful motivators for any user. The in-app purchase apps allow the users to shop and chat with their friends onboarded on the same platform. The app like Telegram is one of the best examples of a freemium model where users can access the premium features without paying a penny.


If you’re concerned about users being annoyed, provide the option to turn ads off. It’s a good practice to include the development cost for each feature when you decide what your MVP needs to have. The monetization strategy you choose will influence the selection as well.

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It even offers the ability to group chat with people who don’t have smartphones, relying on their phone’s SMS. Rise of chatbots in chat apps enhances the functionality and, therefore, the customer experience. For multi messenger ios example, bots can communicate directly with your customer base at all hours, accessing company information to answer queries. With all the chat boxes you have open, you might worry about keeping them private.

II. Onboarding Experience

Remember that the subscription model is rather a good pick for apps with a large user base. It’ll be extremely hard for a recently-released app to compete with dozens of other big players in the market that are distributed at no charge. You can make a profit by providing users with the ability to buy extra content like sticker packs, themes, games, chatbots, etc. For example, the Wickr app makes recovery of self-destructing messages impossible even with the help of specialized software. Users can share their location with friends to find each other or just show where a store, office, parking or whatever is located.