Business Success Depends on Knowing Your Numbers

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The next step is to identify where your numbers stand against the key indicators mentioned above. It’s far better to bite the bullet and see where you stand than be lost in the woods, not knowing the true direction your business is heading. We monitor regulatory agencies, participate in industry and technical conferences, and publish a broad scope of general as well as industry-specific accounting, tax, and business complexities. Very very informative and helpful information, please keep on doing this for it benefit both the big businesses and the small businesses owners. You should consult with your tax advisor on the best ways to minimize tax liabilities.

  • Know your numbers and you’ll always be able to answer that question.
  • From the moment you start your business, there are things to measure.
  • In order to have an accurate and complete view of your company’s financial profile, you need to keep an eye on all three financial statements.

Having 3-6 months of fixed overhead expenses as an emergency fund is insufficient. We must have at least 12 months of fixed overhead expenses to backstop our businesses safely. The owner has manipulated the company’s net profits to lower the tax burden. The company has never made an adequate net profit over the years and is staying alive from the cash flow provided by a healthy customer deposit structure.

Each financial statement includes crucial data and insights in graphical form, allowing you to digest the information easily — and use it to make pivotal decisions about the direction of your business. This includes knowing your costs, services and fees, your profit and the overheads you will need to cover. You can’t use revenue to pay your bills, because there’s already a certain amount of money that’s spoken for. You can’t sell a bunch of cars without paying for all of that inventory, right?

Know Your Numbers Know Your Business

There are numerous way to legally lower your tax rate, e.g. by using depreciation, writing off business expenses and more. By debt we mean any loans taken by your business that must be repaid, usually with interest, over a period of time. As we mentioned above, debt is an alternative means of raising capital and funding the needs of your business. Giving away equity of your business literally means giving away a piece of it, so you should be extra cautious with that. It is important to keep in mind that most companies go bankrupt because they run out of cash, and not because they have low revenues.


All SEN Members are entitled to one FREE annual benchmarking report per year. Benchmarking Reports produce a multi-page analysis of a company through a host of key financial metrics. Each report will advise you on how these specific metrics can be improved, so you’ll see how you can begin making important changes. You could be in a position to capitalize on a great business opportunity such as buying another company that could increase overall revenue by 2-3 times.

Allison’s built 10 successful companies starting out at age 19. From the moment you start your business, there are things to measure. Sales, leads, calls, clicks and conversions, views…you name it, every aspect of your business can be and probably should be measured. Here are the important ones to monitor that will keep your dream alive.

The 6 principles you’ll learn

For a more mature company who does not grow that much, achieving high profit margins is very important since that is how shareholders are going to be compensated for owning it (e.g. via dividends). For a mature and stable business, profit is perhaps the most significant number and the one that better represents the financial performance of a company. Profit is calculated by taking revenues and subtracting the various costs of doing business, along with some other items like, depreciation, interest, taxes and any other miscellaneous expenses. No matter what your business is, you need to know your critical numbers, monitor and track them carefully over time and finally compare them to key industry ratios. In order to have an accurate and complete view of your company’s financial profile, you need to keep an eye on all three financial statements.

Cash is simply all the money your business has in checking or savings accounts. For a new and unproven business, achieving profitability might be pushed aside , in favor of quickly ramping up revenue. People tend to focus on and brag about their high revenue figures, but if those do not translate to robust profits, they are rather meaningless. Equipped with the fundamental financial statements, we are now ready to narrow our focus on certain financial numbers.

However, it’s also important to know the average conversion rate in your industry. For some companies, gaining one new client a year may be the norm while others may need to bring in hundreds of new customers to remain profitable. Whatever the case for your business, it’s essential that you know your numbers, track your conversion rate, and always find plenty of ways to close those deals. Looking at business finances in simple and plain terms helps you understand what your numbers mean and builds your confidence in business decision-making. You’ll also examine your money mindset and how to improve it, making tasks like writing a business budget and cash flow projection feel empowering instead of painful. And it’s more than your P/L and accounts receivable can tell you.

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This brief article will give you a clear idea of what you need to look for and what you can do to take charge of your company’s financials. We appreciate our clients interests, and convert industry practices into understandable insights. By drilling deep into each industry, we bring more contextual understanding to each engagement. Getting your small business financial house in order this upcoming quarter is an excellent objective.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Numbers

According to the SBA’s Office of Advocacy, the survival rate of small businesses is about 50% at the five year mark. Have you created a budget for your business to help you keep track each month? Keeping yourself accountable by measuring your actual results each month against your budgeted figures can have a big impact on reaching your yearly goal. This button displays the currently selected search type. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection.

In most businesses, daily tracking is also very useful. Small business owners are encouraged to send key employees if they are unable to attend themselves. Way too many business owners make ZERO money in their business. Historically, the industry gross profit percentage is 29%. A business with a gross profit percentage of 36%-38% is a success heads and shoulders above the competition. Tracking the major figures of your business will give you precious peace of mind and will allow you to make informed decisions about its future.

See Your Company Performance in a Digital Snapshot

Sales is the bloodline of a business and its importance cannot be understated. However, it must be monitored in conjunction with bottom line performance as well, i.e. total profit. The reason is that profits can evaporate if the relevant costs are not kept under control. Revenue refers to the amount of money that a company receives from its operations during a certain period of time. Revenue is the amount of money that is brought into a company by its business activities and is also known as sales.


Scan in your receipts and sort purchases into categories. Then take the time to review your Expense reports on a regular basis. This will help you identify your expense-heavy months and which vendors you’re spending the most on. Consider negotiating for lower rates with vendors or shopping around for lower prices. We’ve got the knowledge and experience to help you unpack the numbers in your business and use them to continue driving your business forward.

Master Your Business By Knowing Its Numbers

The reason that many business owners start their own business is for more flexibility and ultimately, to make a profit. But how do you get there if you don’t really know what the numbers in your business mean? Let’s take a look at why knowing your numbers is key to running a successful business.

But you are stuck on what to do with them and how they can help you.This three-hour virtualworkshop will walk you through accounting basicsing what your numbers mean for the financial health of your business. Understanding this information allows you to set clear goals for the future and increase your profit margin. Most kitchen and bath business owners don’t know how the financial statements of successful companies should look. Most owners do not have time to understand them, or they’re worried about what they would see when the hard numbers are staring them back in the face. You’ve probably heard companies talk about their “bottom line.” That’s net income, also known as your net profit. That’s what you have left after you’ve paid all of your expenses.

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The acceptable range for Quick Ratio varies from industry to industry, and comparisons are most meaningful within a specific industry. This is an area that online business shine, since they are not bound by location and can be easily and swiftly migrated to different jurisdictions. Special mention should be made of Owner’s Equity, which is the Assets minus the Liabilities of the company. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Ask for feedback– Send surveys to your customers and have conversations on a regular basis to identify where you can get better. Opinions will often vary but look out for consistencies as these areas likely need work.

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This course walks you through the necessary steps to learn the most important concepts in a way that feels accessible and relevant. One of the most valuable ways to measure and boost your sales revenue is to know your closing ratios. No matter what your product, or service, is you should know this number for each salesperson and sales team. To calculate this number, just divide the number of customer presentations by the number of closed sales.

You always want to know how much cash is coming in, how much is leaving, and where that all nets out. In other words, you want to know how much cash you actually have to work with at all times. That’s really important because cash is what keeps your business going. That’s what you’re using to make payroll, buy inventory, pay your rent… cash is basically running your business.


You might see this abbreviated as “CRR,” and again, this metric is appropriately named. It’s just a way of calculating how many customers you’re retaining. If you’re not generating a lot of repeat business, ask yourself if you’re adding enough value. Are your competitors doing something to lure people away? As long as you know your numbers and keep a close eye on your customer retention rate, you’ll have plenty of time to get right back on track. As entrepreneurs who are creating something that doesn’t yet exist, we still need to keep track of financial performance.