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What is Trade Discount? Journal Entry, Examples, Calculator

October 28, 2022 By admin

Content Ask a Financial Professional Any Question Why and how do manufacturers try to avoid trade discounts? Differences Between a Single Trade Discount & Discount Series What Does Discounts Received & Allowed Mean? What is Trade discount? Benefits: Why Is Trade Discount Given? What is Trade Discount? More common with non-profit organizations than with for-profit […]

Note payable Definition & Meaning

July 13, 2022 By admin

Content What is the approximate value of your cash savings and other investments? Accounting Principles II What is a note payable? Is notes payable a current liability? Note payable definition Notes Payable vs Accounts Payable: What’s the Difference? What Does Note Payable Mean? Notes payable are classified as current liabilities when the amounts are due […]

Lightspeed Accounting for Restaurants

May 13, 2022 By admin

Content Food Service Ace: Best for Food Trucks & Food Delivery ALGO Billing Software Free tools Monitor money in and out of your restaurant QuickBooks Online: Best for Small Restaurants, Cafes & Startups Headache-free accounting. Report: State of the Global Hospitality Industry We evaluated restaurant accounting software based on basic accounting features and reporting, as […]

Real Estate Accounting: Guide & Best Practices

March 2, 2022 By admin

Content Must be investment or business property Why choose CapActix for offshore real estate accounting? How to Simplify Your Real Estate Accounting Needs Estimate the value of your real estate Property Management Bookkeeping Basics With your company books, you might buy a big piece of expensive equipment, a computer, or a vehicle and book it […]

Accumulated Depreciation An Asset or Liability?

February 22, 2022 By admin

Content Key provisions of IFRS 5 relating to discontinued operations Are You Claiming Tax Deductions on Your Home Office? What is Accumulated Depreciation? Is accumulated depreciation a current asset? Summary of IFRS 5 Accumulated depreciation is the total amount an asset has been depreciated up until a single point. Each period, the depreciation expense recorded in that […]

Hourly Salary to Monthly Paycheck Conversion Calculator

December 21, 2021 By admin

Content Engineering Calculators Salary & Income Tax Calculators $20 an hour is how much a year? What Is the Definition of Salary and Hourly Wages? From abacus to iPhones, learn how calculators developed over time. Take Home Salary– The amount of pay leftover after taxes and other deductions. If that sounds like a lot, this […]